Click Medical (Knuckle) Sterile Plasters (Blue Detectable, Washproof or Fabric) 50 BOXED

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Box of 50 Click Medical (Knuckle) Sterile Plasters -  Blue, Wash-proof or Fabric . 

Blue Detectable:-
These bright blue catering plasters, individually wrapped, low allergy and latex free, are ideal for working in any food production enviornment with their soft and comfortable feel whilst providig an integral barrier to bacteria.

These lightweight quality plasters conform easily to the body to stay firmly in place. Designed for working in wet or moist environments. The highly flexible fabric is low allergy and latex free, providing comfort whilst preventing skin maceration, with a breathable barrier, allowing air for natural healing.


Individually wrapped, highly flexible fibre weave plasters, with Zinc oxide adhesive provides a sterile enviornment, whilst ventilating the wound to promote quick and natural healing. Designed to cushion and protect.


Blue Detectable: