EZEE - Economical Powerful Industrial Skin Cleanser 5L

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  • EZEE - Economical Powerful Industrial Skin Cleanser 5L
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EZEE Skin Cleaner & Conditioner for Painters & Engineers from Clover Chemicals
a mild and fragrant dispensable skin cleaner for the removal of industrial oils and grease from the skin (abrasive free).
5 litre container for easy carrying and can be dispensed from bulk fill dispensers, no beads so no clogging.
A powerful industrial skin cleanser, which incorporates a specialist 2-in-1 cleansing and conditioning action.
A balanced blend of cleansing agents in an aqueous base,
Ezee is a concentrated liquid skin cleanser designed to remove stubborn industrial dirt, oil and grease from skin, whilst being exceptionally mild.
A modern skin cleanser for industry and commerce,
Ezee rapidly emulsifies and removes oils, grease, grime, dirt, creosote and water-based paints from the skin.
Ideal for maintenance workers, engineers and fitters, production operatives, warehouse staff and mechanics.