Protective Gloves for Pesticide (Palm only)

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  Protective gloves for pesticide operators weight of a size 9 glove  13-gauge   Thirteen stitches knitted per inch, lightweight styles deltaplus brand 

  • Protective Gloves for Pesticide (Palm only)
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Delta Plus Polyester Knitted Glove -Nitrile Palm  with Pesticide Protection

Ideal for Horticultural use, providing protection against dry and partially dry pesticides.

Lightweight tough nitrile palm coated gloves with a seamless polyester liner

Standard ISO 18889 specifies the performance requirements of protective gloves for pesticide operators.

G1 gloves are suitable when the potential risk is relatively low. These gloves are not suitable for use with concentrated pesticide formulations 

and/or for scenarios where mechanical risks exist. G1 gloves are typically single use gloves.

G2 gloves are suitable when the potential risk is higher. 

These gloves are suitable for use with diluted as well as concentrated pesticides. 

G2 gloves also meet the minimum mechanical resistance requirements and are therefore suitable for activities that require gloves with minimum mechanical strength.

GR gloves provide protection only to the palm-side of the hand 

for a worker who is in contact with dry and partially dry pesticide residues that remain on the plant surface after pesticide application.