Deltaplus Onyx Double Shell Safety Helmet with Full Face Visor

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Deltaplus Onyx Double Shell Safety Helmet with Integrated Safety Full Face Visor

Fine adjustment by ratchet wheel, can be operated with one hand even whilst being worn

EN397:2012 + A1:2012 Protective helmets for industry

MM: Molten metal spray

LD: Lateral deformation

-20°C +50°C: Very low temperature - -20°C / +50°C

440VAC: Electric insulation

EN50365:2002 Electrically insulating helmets for use on low voltage installations

CLASS 0: Electrically insulating helmets - Class 0

EN166:2001  Personal eye protection - specifications

1  Optical class (continuous wearing)

S Increased robustness (5,1 m/s)

AT High energy impact resistance (190m/s) at extreme temperatures (-5ºC / + 55ºC)

3 Liquid resistance (droplets or splashes)

8 Short circuit arc resistance

K Resistance to surface damage by fine particles

N Resistance to fogging of the oculars

EN170:2002 Ultraviolet filters


Arc Flash Protection

GS-ET 29:Class 1 : Arc flash protection

Short circuit elecric arc class   Class 1 : 4kA (135 KJ/m² or 3,2 cal/cm²

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