JalSiberian Ranger Style Extreme Cold Safety Boot with Vibram Sole SAS S3 CI HRO SRC

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 As S2 + Penetration Resistant Midsole Non Metal 200 Joule Toecap Non Metal Midsole P Metal Free Footwear Cold Insulation  Heat Resistant Outsole to 300ºC SRC slip resistant sole Sole Kompact VIBRAM CA/PU with progressive effect shock-absorber  Jallatte brand

  • JalSiberian Ranger Style Extreme Cold Safety Boot with Vibram Sole SAS S3 CI HRO SRC
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Jallatte Ranger-Style Safety Boot  S3 CI HI HRO SRC

JalSiberian Thinsulate lined Ranger type boot constructed with a minimum amount of seams and anti-abrasion scuff cap

Sole Vibram® J-ESCAPE

Antistatic and non-magnetic

Polymer safety toe cap type B and midsole non metallic

Black Water-repellent full grain leather upper, (1,9 / 2,1 mm thick)

Reflective marking on back of heel for increased visibility during night work.

GORE-TEX® Performance Comfort footwear membrane and THINSULATE® cold insulating and anti-cold fabric.

Padded ergonomic collar in compact flexible foam for extra comfort and better ankle and Achilles tendon protection.

Padded leather tongue for good instep protection, combined with two side bellows to prevent any dirt from getting into the boots.

Lace up by seven pairs of non-metallic lace-stays. 

Water-repellent laces :180 cm.

Soft footbed made of BASF Dynamic polyurethane memory foam over the entire surface of the foot, 

Cushions pressure points, improves weight distribution and shock absorption caused by impact with the ground. 

Anatomical, breathable and fitted Antiperforation inner sole and insert in FleXtane™ By Jallatte material, 

Antistatic and non-magnetic, 

100% composite. 

Sewn directly onto the bootstrap and covering 100% of the foot for all-round protection.

Ergonomic shoe with broad synthetic polymer toe cap type B, for saving on weight (50% lighter than steel) 

Impact resistance to 200 Joules. 

Minimum height after test ≥ 4mm in relation to the Type A toe cap in accordance with Standard 22568-2:2019

100% composite materials: lighter than steel, amagnetic, non-conductive of heat and cold.

Heel stiffener to reinforce the heel seat

Kompact VIBRAM® sole fitted with progressive effect shock-absorber to protect the back and joints from vibrations. 

Softane comfort layer :

Density = 0.40. Ensures comfortable walking for the wearer. 

Helps to absorb vibrations and provided heat insulation to the sole of the foot.

Ground contact layer in Néotril:

Contact heat resistant up to 300°C

Highly scuff- resistant

Helps to absorb vibrations

Deep self-cleaning treads to improve grip in difficult wearing conditions such as unstable and oily surfaces.