Left or Right Handed Steel Cutter

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  • Left or Right Handed Steel Cutter
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This innovative cutting tool reduces razor blade injuries and doesn’t damage the products.

Making it the industry standard and saving companies millions annually.

It has been fine tuned to make box cutting safe, easy and comfortable.

The fixed steel guard will not bend, or break like other cutters and is designed for protection.

Serving as a guide the guard will create the perfect cut each time, turning even a new-hire into an expert cutter instantly.

Also, the angle of the blade is set specifically to avoid damaging the box contents.

It has three blade depth positions; Top cut, shallow tray cut and deep cut to increase efficiency.

Users also find that using the heavy duty tape splitter when opening boxes extends the life of the blades and stops injuries.

This Safety Cutter is sold in green for right-handed users and red for left-handed users.

  • Fixed safety guard made from steel
  • Has 3 blade depth positions; top cuts, shallow tray cuts and deep cuts
  • Integrated tape splitter
  • ergonomic and comfortable design
  • Tool free blade change
  • Holds 5 more blades
  • colour coding for left and right hand users