heightec® DUON-Air™ Climbing & Industrial Safety Helmet EN397 & EN12492

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heightec DUON-Air™, this is the only helmet that is certified for both EN397 & EN12492

suitable for work at height and confined spaces
dual certification meeting both industrial and climbing standards.
EN397 (‘industrial’) has a weak chinstrap to prevent injury if the helmet becomes trapped 
in machinery etc. and small vents to prevent items such as sparks hitting the wearer.
EN12492 (‘mountaineering’) has a strong chinstrap so the helmet stays in place in a fall 
– protecting the head, and large vents to help prevent workers getting too hot 
– an occupational health improvement.
having a special chin strap buckle with a variable fastening power and variable venting.
sized to fit between 52cm to 66cm.
‘T-slot’ side fittings for standard ear defenders etc.
Clips for elastic strap mounted lights, cameras etc.
Brackets front and rear for popular cap lamps and other accessories.
Main adjustment to small/medium/large helps keep the helmet centred on the head.
Fine adjustment by ratchet wheel, can be operated with one hand even whilst being worn.
Headband height adjustment allows user to maintain field of view.
6 point head cradle for stability        

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