Pura PVC Allergy Free Food Safe Janitorial Chemical Glove

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Polyco PURA™  Flock lined PVC Glove Latex Free
A PVC glove which is an excellent alternative for people allergic to natural latex proteins or sensitive to the chemical accelerators used in rubber gloves.
Food Safe EN1186 (except fatty foods) an excellent general purpose cleaning glove ideal for use in the food industry
4 colours available for colour coding
Ergonomically shaped ensuring comfort and reduced hand fatigue.
Slip resistant pattern on palm of glove ensuring good grip in both wet and dry conditions.
Soft velvet lining absorbs perspiration keeping hands cool. Easier to put on and take off.
Thickness 0.55mm

The new EN374 test for protection against chemicals requires a glove to withstand 3 of 12 common chemicals for a period of 30 minutes
these gloves can then show this symbol with letters A to L underneath.
Pura PVC gloves do not display this symbol as they have passed the test for 2 chemicals, but don't think they are not fit for the job as they have been
tested with the following chemicals, the breakthrough score is in brackets:
1-Butanol (3), 2-Butanol (3), Acetic acid 99% (2), Acetic acid 50% (4), Acetic anhydride (1), Ammonium hydroxide 35% (1)
Cyclohexane (2), Formic acid 99% (0), n-Heptane (1), Hexane (1), Isobutyl alcohol (2), Isooctane (4), Isopentyl acetate (0)
Isopropyl alcohol (3), Methanol (1), Methyl acetate (0), N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone (1), n-Octane (1), Propanol (2), Sodium hypochlorite 10% (6)
Sodium hydroxide 40% (6), Sulphuric acid 96% (5), Xylene (0)

Colours: Blue, Green, Red & Yellow
Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large