BS 8599-2 Compliant Motorist First Aid Kit MEDIUM

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  • BS 8599-2 Compliant Motorist First Aid Kit MEDIUM
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The United Kingdom can be rightly proud of its ambulance services.
A consistent high quality, fast response service that provides cover for the whole country.
A target of an 8-minute response in most regions of the country is impressive and world class.
In a serious road traffic accident, even 8 minutes is long enough for a casualty to bleed to death,
and 8 minutes is a target, precluding remote areas.
Basic first aid treatment, placing a modern trauma pressure dressing onto a serious bleeding wound
will provide those vital extra minutes before a professionally trained and equipped paramedic arrives.

But... who carries a trauma dressing in their car?
It certainly has not been present in typical British first aid kits, or the first aid kits fitted in some new motorcars.

The NEW British Standard BS8599-2 specifies a range of three first aid kits for all road vehicles in the UK.
One of the key components is a 21st century trauma pressure dressing.
This dressing is simple to use and can be applied by anyone, trained or untrained, to stem the blood flow from a serious wound,
giving vital extra minutes of life before an ambulance arrives.

First aid kits meeting BS8599-2 are a huge step forward in road safety for the nation, providing content that will save lives.

Medium Kit Suitable for: 1-8 Passenger Vehicles:
For Example:
- Cars
- Taxi
- Commercial Vehicles