ToolTec™ tool tethers

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  • ToolTec™ tool tethers
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Dropped objects are a major hazard and a potential risk to anyone who works at height.

The new ToolTec™ tool tether range, allows the risk to be controlled effectively. The entire range is load tested and certified.

Elasticated Tool Tether design shortens the lanyard, retracting by approximately 50%, when not under load to reduce the risk of tangling.

The elastic strength of the Tool Tether requires a force <1kg to extend to full length, helps reduce user fatigue.

Tool Tethers have high strength and can withstand the rates load falling from the maximum possible height.

Lengths available:

            1.3m (MTTE130)

            1.7m (MTTE170)

            2m (MTTE200)



            Supplied with captive connector and screwlink

            Snaphook and screwlink end connectors are available

            Available in a variety of lengths