Trecos ecological standard

Clover Chemicals are Eco Friendly - it's official, Clover Chemicals have pioneered a new ecological standard TRECOS (ten rule standard)
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Clover Chemical products with the TRECOS mark reduce the impact of the cleaning process on the environment.
The impact on the environment is calculated based on the following 10 factors:

1. Raw Materials
Raw materials used are scored for impact, the higher the impact the higher the score.

2. Packaging Ratio
Clover products are scored for their packaging ratio, the more the packaging for each litre of solution, the higher the score.

3. Environmental Hazard Classification
Raw Materials are scored according to their environmental classification. R50, R51, R52, R53, H400, H410, H411, H412 and H413.
The higher the impact the higher the score.

4. Volatile Organic Compound content
The higher the level of V.O.C's the higher the score.

5. Energy
The energy used to obtain the finished product is taken into account. The more energy used the higher the score.

6. Health and/or Physico Chemical Properties.
The product is evaluated for potential adverse health effects and adverse physico / chemical properties.
The more adverse the properties the higher the score

7. Consumer Use
How often the product is used and the control over it's use are scored. The higher score is given to products used in an uncontrolled fashion daily

8. Biocidal Products.
Biocidal products are scored depending upon wether they have a neccesary function to protect public hygiene and the registration of the active ingredients
in Europe. A high score is given to products that do not have a neccesary function to protect public hygiene.

9. Clear Labelling
A high score iss given to those products without clear instructions.

10. Biodegradation.
The manufacturing process produces waste which is controlled and disposed of in a responsible fashion.
This is scored according to the environmental impact of each products waste.