Biodegradable Gloves are an essential product to ensure we continue to look after our planet and lessen the damage done to our world.  Despite the many bad things happening within the current eco systems we live in, Biodegradable products have made an impact and continue to do so.    The fast paced lifestyle we live in, does no doubt contribute to the favor of plastic usage and throw away gloves which are not biodegradable!  Utilising quality green work gloves that are actually fit for purpose in the modern world is essential. 

Showa 371 Biodegradable Chemical Handling Nitrile Gloves 35cm
Showa 707 Foodsafe Biodegradable Chemical Handling Nitrile Gloves
Showa 6110PF Single Use Foodsafe Biodegradable Nitrile Gloves x 100
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