Polyco Taskmaster™ Chemical & Heat Resistant Food Safe Gauntlet

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Polyco Taskmaster™ Chemical & Heat Resistant Food Safe Gauntlet

Taskmaster™ is a latex glove with a cotton interlock liner offering excellent grip, 

and good protection against a wide range of chemicals and cleaning agents. 

Tested to EN407 for Contact Heat resistance up to 250ºC

This natural rubber glove provides good mechanical protection, attaining

maximum abrasion score as defined by European Standard EN388, 

resulting in a glove with excellent durability. 

It is anatomically shaped and tapered at the wrist for a more comfortable and

ergonomic fit, and the liquid proof gauntlet provides additional protection to the lower arm.

Handling ability is greatly enhanced by the roughened surface on the hand area increasing

the level of grip in both wet and dry conditions.

The soft cotton interlock liner provides good insulation against heat and cold, and absorbs

perspiration keeping the hands comfortable.

Taskmaster™ has been tested in accordance with EN1186 making it suitable for food contact. 

The Taskmaster gauntlets have been tested against the following

chemicals showing the breakthrough score out of 6

Acetic acid 25% 6

Ethanol (Pure) 2

Formaldehyde 37% 6

Hydrochloric acid 10% 6

Methanol 2

Sodium hydroxide 20% 6

Sodium hydroxide 40% 6

Sulphuric acid 96% 2 

Performance Level
Breakthrough time (mins)

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