Rugged Terrain Black Leather 3 Eyelet Tie Shoe S1P SRC

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  • Performance & Comfort
  • Superior Full Grain Leather
  • Steel Safety Protection


  • Rugged Terrain Black Leather 3 Eyelet Tie Shoe S1P SRC
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Rugged Terrain Black Leather 3 Eyelet Tie Shoe S1P SRC

Get the perfect fit and ultimate protection when you lace up a pair of Ladies Black Leather 3-Eyelet Tie Shoes S1P SRC. Created for professionals needing superior performance and comfort, these shoes provide complete protection to keep you safe and comfortable on the job. Made from full grain leather with a Comfort Mesh lining and footbed, this shoe ensures lasting durability even in wet conditions. Its steel toe cap provides 200 joule safety protection; while the composite midsole provides extra cushioning to the wearer’s feet. The Dual Density Polyurethane Sole is not only antistatic, but it also offers slip resistance at SRC standard. And for convenience, your shoe size options are an extensive range of sizes from 3 to 8 including 6 1/2. So pick up a pair today, and take your workwear protection to all new heights.

  • Black Smooth Full Grain Leather Upper
  • Comfort Mesh Lining & Footbed
  • Padded Tongue
  • 200 Joule Steel Toe Cap
  • Composite Midsole
  • Dual Density Polyurethane Sole
  • Antistatic
  • Slip Resistant To SRC
  • Sizes: 3-8 (Including 6 1/2)

As S1 with Penetration Resistant Midsole As S1 with Penetration Resistant Midsole

Steel 200 Joule Toecap Steel 200 Joule Toecap

SRC slip resistant sole SRC slip resistant sole

Antistatic Outsole Antistatic Outsole