Cut Resistant

Cut resistant gloves. New  ISO Cut tested cut resistant gloves, conforming to EN388:2016 Cut Levels: B, C, D, E & F which will be replacing gloves tested for Cut Resistance EN388:2003 Cut Level 3, 4 & 5

Not sure how to read the cut levels on gloves? here are the cut test levels explained to ensure the right cut resistant glove for the right environment.

Buy only the best quality cut resistant gloves when working within areas that cuts can occur.  The danger of infection is significant when cut, so clearly it is better to be properly safe, rather than having to take time off work through a painful healing process that cuts can inflict. Many workplace incidents and cut related accidents occur every day around the world, including deep scratches, Needle & puncture wounds, deep cut lacerations often from metal work, lead to tendon damage and even in extreme cases potential amputations, with this in mind, and viewing the different cut level gloves available it is important to select the right glove for the right kind of potential hazard. Gloves n Stuff offer not only both single and bulk buy cut resistant work gloves at great prices, but also advice and knowledge to ensure the correct cut level rating and then delivery to your door.