Jallatte Gore-Tex Hiking Safety Boots S3

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  • Cold Insulation
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  • Jallatte Gore-Tex Hiking Safety Boots S3
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Embark on your outdoor adventures with the Jallatte Gore-Tex Hiking Safety Boots S3. Crafted for those who demand both robust protection and enduring comfort in challenging environments, these boots combine high-quality materials with innovative features, making them perfect for a variety of outdoor work settings.

Key Features:
  • Premium Full Grain Leather AP 23: Utilizes Jallatte's exclusive full grain leather, known for its water and oil resistance. It's 10-15% thicker than standard safety shoe materials, ensuring superior durability.
  • Gore-Tex Technology: Offers exceptional waterproof capabilities, keeping your feet dry in wet conditions.
  • Fur-Lined for Extra Warmth: The fur lining provides additional insulation, keeping your feet warm in cold weather conditions.
  • Isothermal Lining: Maintains a comfortable temperature within the boot, while the anatomic inlay with active carbon absorbs moisture and provides cushioning.
  • Perforated Steel Toe-Cap: Delivers up to 200 joules of resistance, offering robust protection against impacts and compression.
  • Heel Reinforcement: Enhances stability and support, making the boot ideal for rugged terrains and demanding work environments.
  • Safety and Protection Standards: Complies with S3 CI HI WR HRO SRC safety standards, ensuring top-tier protection in various conditions including water resistance, heat resistance, and slip resistance.
  • Anatomical Inlay for Comfort: The active carbon inlay offers both moisture absorption and cushioned protection, enhancing comfort during prolonged wear.
  • High Heat Resistance: The boot's construction is heat resistant, suitable for environments with high temperatures.
  • Slip-Resistant Sole: The SRC-certified sole provides excellent traction on different surfaces, reducing the risk of slips and falls.
The Jallatte Gore-Tex Hiking-Style Safety Boot Jalacer SAS is the ultimate choice for professionals who need a boot that can withstand the rigors of outdoor work while providing comfort and safety.


As S2 + Penetration Resistant Midsole As S2 + Penetration Resistant Midsole

Cold Insulation  Cold Insulation 

Water Resistant Upper Water Resistant Upper

Heat Resistant Outsole to 300ºC Heat Resistant Outsole to 300ºC

SRC slip resistant sole SRC slip resistant sole