Sphere Bolle Elctric Arc & Molten Metal Protection Face Shield & Browguard

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 Class 1  Suitable for continuous use High energy impact 190 m/sec. Extreme temperature CHEMICAL RISK         Liquids (droplets and splashes) ELECTRICAL RISK       Short circuit arc resistance THERMAL RISK          Molten Metal splashes and Hot solids projectionsUV Filter (EN170) clear lensWEIGHT 355g Bolle brand

  • Sphere Bolle Elctric Arc & Molten Metal Protection Face Shield & Browguard
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Bolle Sphere Browguard with High Impact Resistant Visor: Ultimate Protection and Clarity

  • Expansive Visibility: Offers a wide 180° field of vision, ensuring unobstructed view in all directions.
  • Customizable Comfort: Features easily adjustable headgear and browguard for both height and depth, adapting seamlessly to any head shape and situation.

Robust Visor Specifications:

  • UV Protection: EN170 Ultraviolet Filter - 2C-1.2 for optimal UV radiation shielding.
  • Optical Quality: EN166 - 1 (Continual Use), offering clear vision for prolonged periods.
  • Impact Resistance: EN166 Mechanical - A, withstands high energy impacts (6 mm, 0.86 g ball at 190 m/s).
  • Temperature and Hazard Resilience: Rated EN166 for extreme temperatures (-5 to +55ºC) and electric arc (8), molten metal (9) exposure.

Durable Frame:

  • Liquid and Metal Protection: EN166 Liquid Drops - 3, and molten metal (9).
  • High Impact Resistance: EN166 Mechanical - A, safeguarding against high speed particles and impacts.

Comprehensive Safety Assurance:

  • Guaranteed resistance against everyday risks like drops, light exposure, heat, and corrosion.
  • EN166 T-rated for high speed particles at extreme temperatures.
  • Protection against droplets, splashes, hot solids, molten metals, and intense radiation.
  • Chemical Protection: Ideal for environments with liquid droplets or splashes. Requires use with goggles, adapted spectacles with strap, or face shield.
  • Electric Arc Protection: Specifically designed to shield against short circuit electric arcs.
  • Enhanced UV Filtering: Suitable for environments with predominant UV radiation like mercury vapor lamps. Offers clear, blue, yellow, or green lens options with good color recognition (2C-1.2 Lens color).

Elevate your safety standards with the Bolle Sphere Browguard and Visor, where durability meets unparalleled visibility and protection.

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