Eco-sustainable absorbent Organic Compound 30L

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  • Eco-sustainable absorbent Organic Compound 30L
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Ecospill Organic Compond, 

Lightweight and highly absorbent. 
Packed in 30ltr bags. 
Very easy to handle and are also fireproof. 

Absorbent Granules are a quick and efficient way of cleaning up general spills as well as oils and fuels. 
They are lightweight, offer instant absorbency and are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 
Perfect for walkways, ramps and machinery bases,  Just simply pour on the spill and brush in, 
it is then brushed up and the surface left dry with no residue, leaving it safe to walk or work on immediately


Price is ex works, meaning the order will be held until an accurate shipping quote is obtained depending upon location. As you can appreciate these items are bulky, delicate and of low relative value. 

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