Be Oslo Cold Insulating Wet Weather Safety Boots S3

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  • -30°C Cold Insulation
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Introducing the Be Oslo Wet Work Cold Insulating Freezer Non Metal Safety Boots, specifically engineered for demanding work environments that require superior insulation, durability, and safety. These boots are ideal for professionals working in cold storage, outdoor work in freezing temperatures, and wet conditions, ensuring comfort and protection.

Key Features:
  • Cold Insulating Down to -30°C: Offers exceptional insulation, keeping your feet warm and protected in extremely cold conditions.
  • BOA Lace System: This advanced lace system allows for easy, precise fitting, ensuring comfort and secure fastening.
  • Water Resistant Waxy Leather Upper: The high-quality leather upper is water-resistant, making these boots suitable for wet work environments.
  • Integrated Overcap in Sole: Features an abrasion-resistant overcap for increased durability and longevity.
  • Slim Cap Metal Free Toe-Cap: Reduces the cap's thickness, resulting in 35% less weight compared to standard safety boots, while still offering robust protection.
  • Pre-Shaped Protective Stripe: Designed to prevent painful pressure on toes, enhancing comfort.
  • Fresh n Flex Ballistic Fabric Midsole: Provides 0 mm perforation protection as per Standard 20345:2011, ensuring safety against sharp objects.
  • AirTech + Technology 4X4: Combines lightweight design with high resistance to bending, abrasion, and tearing, making the boots both light and robust.
  • AirTech + Tpu-Skin Ultraflex Outsole: Offers improved shock absorption and body weight distribution, reducing fatigue and increasing flexibility.
  • Available Sizes: Catering to a wide range of professionals with sizes from 6 to 15.
The Be Oslo Safety Boots are the perfect fusion of technology, comfort, and safety, making them an ideal choice for those working in harsh and cold conditions.


As S2 + Penetration Resistant Midsole As S2 + Penetration Resistant Midsole

Non Metal 200 Joule Toecap Non Metal 200 Joule Toecap

Non Metal Midsole P Non Metal Midsole P

SRC slip resistant sole SRC slip resistant sole

Antistatic Outsole Antistatic Outsole

Water Resistant Upper Water Resistant Upper

Fuel and Oil Resistant Outsole Fuel and Oil Resistant Outsole

Cold insulating sole Cold insulating sole to -30c

Energy absorbing heel Energy absorbing heel

Breathable Lining Breathable Lining

sanitized, antibacterial lining Sanitized, Antibacterial Lining

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