Class 0 1000V SuperGlove Volt Electric Insulating Latex Glove 36cm

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  • Class 0 1000V SuperGlove Volt Electric Insulating Latex Glove 36cm
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Polyco SuperGlove Volt Electricians Gloves Class 0 1000volt

Class 0 Maximum working AC voltage: 1000V
Insulating gloves made from non-conductive natural rubber,
combining high dielectric and physical strength to offer excellent electrical resistance.
Certified to EN60903,
Giving the highest level of electrical protection available.
Every pair is electrically tested to meet the requirements of the standard prior to release for sale.
No gloves of classes 1, 3 and 4 should be used unless they have been tested within a maximum period of six months.
The tests include air inflation to check for air leaks,
a visual inspection while pressurized and a dielectric test in accordance with EN60903.
For classes 00 and 0, a check for air leaks and
a visual inspection may be considered adequate,

Electricians Gloves™  are anatomically shaped, flexible and durable
Offering maximum comfort and superior performance.

Typically used for:
• Electrical Maintenance
• Installations
• Wiring

Rubber insulating gloves are classified according to the level of voltage and protection they provide.
The voltage protection is broken down according to the following classes:

Class 00:   Maximum working voltage 500V
Class   0:   Maximum working voltage 1,000V
Class    1:   Maximum working voltage 7,500V
Class   3:   Maximum working voltage 26,500V
Class   4:   Maximum working voltage 36,000V