Superior Chemical & Solvent Rednek Plus Red PVC 58cm 22" Gauntlet

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  • Superior Chemical & Solvent Rednek Plus Red PVC 58cm 22" Gauntlet
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Rednek Plus Superior Chemical Protection Red PVC 22" Gauntlets
Specially formulated to give high resistance to chemicals including corrosive chemicals, oils and greases. 
A very tough PVC coating gives high resistance to abrasion. 
Flared gauntlet style for ease of removal. 
Treated with Actifresh®,an anti-bacterial agent which helps retard odours and eliminate germs. 
Overall length is 58 cm (22”). (up to your biceps)
Typical applications: General handling of chemicals.

NOTE:May be used against concentrated acids & alkalis 
Individually pressure tested for user confidence
Sizes available: 9.5"


Mechanical test data in accordance with EN 388

Abrasion Resistance Level 4
Cut Resistance Level 1
Tear Resistance Level 2
Puncture Resistance Level 1

Chemical test data in accordance with EN 374

 ChemicalsBTT (min) Class 
 30% Sulphuric Acid >480 6
 98% Sulphuric Acid 169 4
 Conc. Hydrochloric Acid >480 6
 Acetic Acid 135 4
 Xylene 50 2
 Trichloroethylene 24 1

The results are taken from the palm area of the gloves

These gloves are manufactured under an approved ISO9002 quality control system.


Both new and used gloves should be thoroughly inspected before being worn to ensure
no damage is present.
Gloves should not be left in a contaminated condition if reuse is intended in which case
gloves should be cleaned as far as possible.
Washing of these gloves is not recommended.
Gloves may be washed with mild detergent then rinsed with clean water and allowed to dry,
ideally with some air movement.
Care should be taken when removing gloves to avoid any contaminant contacting bare skin.


Gloves should be ideally stored in cool dry conditions in the original package
and out of direct sunlight.


When stored as recommended will not suffer change in mechanical properties
for up to 5 years from the date of manufacture.
Service life cannot be specified and depends on the application and
responsibility of the user to ascertain the suitability of the glove for
the intended use.


None of the materials or processes used in the manufacture of these products
are known to be harmful to the wearer.


The results of physical tests should help in glove selection,
however it must be understood that actual conditions of use cannot be
simulated and it is the responsibility of the end user and not the
manufacturer to determine glove suitability for the intended use.