WASH & WAX Polymeric Wax Car Shampoo 5L

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  • WASH & WAX Polymeric Wax Car Shampoo 5L
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Cleans and Shines all Vehicles 
A neutral cleaner and polish that contains advance polymeric wax to clean and shine all vehicles. 
An opaque-yellow, viscous liquid, consists of surfactants and waxes emulsified in an aqueous base, 
which leaves a shiny finish that is free from streaks and spotting. 
Ideal for cleaning paintwork, bodywork, plastic, rubber, Perspex and aluminium.
Used extensively throughout the automotive and transport industry.

Dilute one part Wash and Wax to 150 parts warm water. 
Apply with a sponge or cloth, starting at the highest point to be cleaned.
After cleaning, rinse off thoroughly. 
Alternatively, mop up surplus liquid with a well wrung out sponge or leather.